If you don’t know a lot about web design it can be intimidating to hire a web design company because you might not know what you are suppose to ask in order to judge if they are really qualified to build the kind of website that you want for your business. When you’re interviewing prospective web design companies here are 5 crucial questions to ask that will help you decide if they are the right company for you or not.

1. What other companies have you built websites for? This question is important because it’s a good indicator of what types of websites the company has built in the past. If you are wanting them to build you an ecommerce site that you can use to sell your products on the Web and they have never worked with any companies that sell products online then you’ll know that the company probably isn’t experienced enough to build you the kind of ecommerce site that you want.

2. Do Web marketing techniques do you use? If you ask this question and they stare at you blankly then you will know right away that you need to choose another company. A web design company doesn’t necessarily have to know a lot about Web marketing in order to build you a functional site but a good website design company will stay informed about the latest trends in Web marketing so that they can make sure the sites they built are compatible with Web marketing techniques and are optimized for web marketing.

3. What other services are included? If you want the company to do additional website work for you like regular updates, website hosting, website maintenance and so on you need to clarify that up front and make sure that those services are including in the initial price quote.

4. How long will the building of the site take? If they can’t offer you a specific time table for completion they should at least have an outline of benchmarks that they can offer so that there is a definite beginning and a definite end to the completion of the project.

5. What are your rates? You will need to find out if the company works on an hourly rate or if the price is per job. Some website design companies charge per designer, per hour and other charge a flat fee for the entire project. If the fee is a flat fee per project make sure that you ask if revisions, maintenance, or any other “extras” are included in that price or not.