Do you want to build a community online to promote your product? When you build a community online you not only are drawing in more customers for your product you are also making sure that they are loyal to your company because they will continue to buy from a company they trust. So how can you build a community online that will really help your business grow? Here are 5 easy ways to build a community online.

1. Use forums – Everyone loves to voice their opinion and discuss topics. Online forums really help to build a community because online forums give people a chance to interact with one another and build up relationships. Using a forum can be tricky because sometimes online forums can become very heated places but if you have a moderator that monitors the forums to make sure that forum threads don’t get too heated and conflicts don’t get out of control then forums can be a great way to build a community online.

2. Let users customize their profiles – People like to share a little bit of themselves with others and customizing their individual profiles is one way to let them do that. Social community software will often have customizable templates that will let you set an overall theme for the community but will let individual users customize their own pages.

3. Get everyone you know to join – In the beginning it can be tough to get people to sign up for your online community. No one wants to be the first person to sign up in a community. The more people your community has the more people you will draw. So if you’re creating a public community recruit friends, family and employees to sign up immediately to make it look like the community already has a strong base.

4. Post often – When a community is just starting out it’s important to let people know that it’s an active community. The best way to do that is to post often. Start new discussions, comment on people’s profiles, do anything that you can do to be visible and loud on the community site.

5. Give it time – Often it takes time to build a community online. People need time to find their voices and comfort levels on the site and there also needs to be a buildup of communal trust before people truly feel that they are part of the community. So even if it seems at first like the site is not progressing as fast as you want it to don’t shut the site down or stop being active on the site. Give it at least six months to grow before you reassess whether or not the community is meeting the goals that you set for it.