If you want to build your own social networking website but lack the technical knowledge to code one from scratch as most of us do, chances are you have looked in to using a social networking platform. Many companies have developed social networking platforms that allow customers to build social networks easily and that are customized to their needs.

Often referred to as “white label,” these platforms become invisible and allow the creator’s brand to take center stage. The social network creator can customize the platform any way they like for a variety of effects and features. There are two basic types of social network platforms within this classification; ones that are hosted remotely and the easiest to use and ones that you download onto your server and run as an independent program which you are responsible for managing.

Remotely hosted social network platforms allow you to set up your very own social network with the least amount of work and technical knowledge. You can basically point and click to choose the features and design you want without having to worry about the technical details.

There are many companies that offer this type of social network platform, with Ning, CrowdVine, KickApps, GoingOn, and People Aggregator being just a few for you to consider. If you have the desire to create a social networking website for your business, group, or just for fun, these types of platforms are the easiest to use and are the best solution for those without much technical skill.

If you have some technical experience then a social network platform that you download to your server and configure yourself may be the best option for you. This type of platform offers the most flexibility and custom features, but you must know how to implement them yourself. PHPFox is a popular platform you can download and configure yourself.

You can also have a social network built for you using a platform you download on your server if you have the money to pay a developer and want the most personalized social network you can get. One Sit is a company that offers such services to web developers without the technical knowledge to make their own social network from scratch but want the most customized application possible.

No matter if you choose a remotely hosted platform or on that you download and configure yourself, make sure you compare the features of the major platform solutions to ensure that you are getting the features and customization you need.