Have you been looking for a way to build the level of teamwork between your employees without seeming like you’re forcing the issue? Build a community website for your employees and watch them grow closer. A lot of the time when the people that work together in an office don’t really form a tight team it’s because they don’t really know one other and don’t share anything except an office.

Since people are busy working they might not have the chance to sit down and chat with their co-workers or form friendships with other people in the office. But when you build a community web site just for the people that work in the office where people can fill out profiles, share family photos and other important aspects of their lives you are giving them the chance to share things with their co-workers online, when it’s convenient for them. Co-workers can share information and stories about themselves using blogs and discussion forums and leave messages for their co-workers on their co-workers profiles.

If your company is a large one and employees are spread out in many different offices or on different floors then you can build a community web site to make sure that everyone stays in the loop and gets the same information. It’s also more effective to send someone in another message asking them to come see you about something or to remind them of a meeting than it is to call them if they are already on the phone or email them if they don’t check their email very often.

Employees can use the forums and messaging applications to blow off steam, ask each other questions about procedure and policy, and support each other. An inter-office community web site has been shown to dramatically increase the ability of teams to work together and to increase the overall efficiency of the day to day running of the office.

You can also build a community web site for the office that will be a central communication point for everyone in the office. You can post sales figures, monthly goals, meeting times or other information all on the community web site where everyone has access. That way no one can say they weren’t told about a deadline or missed a meeting because they didn’t know when it was. Good teamwork is all about communication, and every office needs a lot of teamwork in order to operate successfully. Build a community web site for your employees and you’ll probably see an increase in productivity and communication almost immediately.