Social networking sites are extremely popular with businesses of all kinds from large corporations to small mom and pop shops. Have you ever thought about creating your own social networking site? You can use an in-house business networking site as a way to get teams to work together or as a way to improve communication within the office. You can also use your own networking sites to create another way for customers to reach customer service reps or account managers.

If your company has several branches or if you own a franchise of a larger corporation then having a common networking site where employees that work at different locations or at different franchises can connect with one another can be a fabulous way to build team spirit and company morale.

You don’t even need to hire an expensive website developer to build you a networking site. There are several different companies now that sell software that you can use to create your own networking site. Most of the software programs on the market come with complete templates so that you can just fill in some custom information, load your social networking site and start networking. If you are concerned about sensitive information that might be exposed through the use of commercial brands of networking software then you can always have your in-house IT technicians install additional security measures to keep data safe.

If, for example, your customers are using your networking site to communicate with their account reps then it would probably be a good idea to install some additional security to make sure that no client data like account numbers or billing information is compromised. Most of the commercial software that is on the market comes with high level security built into the templates that come with the software. Protecting client information needs to be a high priority for businesses so whenever you buy software that has a networking component it’s a good idea to double check the security protocols.

Using commercial social networking software can be an inexpensive alternative to hiring a pricey social networking web consultant so if you just want a basic social networking site that you can use for everyday business. But if you want to build a commercial site that you can market and make money off of then you should probably consult with a social networking site developer to make sure that the site has all the features that your customers would expect a commercial social networking site to have.