Choosing a professional web design company can be a daunting task especially if you are new to the Internet and have never completed a transaction on an independent contractor basis. Unfortunately, in order to succeed and be taken seriously your business will need a professional website which means contracting a web design company. With so many different companies offering their services it is important that contact, and talk to, at least three design companies. This will help ensure that you pick the best web design company for your professional needs. Try not to settle for the first company you stumble upon after completing a web search.

When you have narrowed your choices down to at least three web design companies you will want to ask a few questions. While some of these questions might be answered on a company’s business site do not be afraid to repeat a question. Most companies will not mind going over information again with a potential client.

The first thing you should always ask for is a portfolio. Find out the names of the companies they have designed for and never settle for domain names that are no longer online. Ask for samples of their work that are online and are in your industry or field. Once you have gotten a list of their work do not be afraid to contact the clients directly using the information found on their own sites. Make sure that the design firm is being honest because it is easy for amateurs or scam artists to make claims to online work that they really did not do.

The second thing you should ask is how many revisions they are willing to do before charging additional fees. It is possible that the first design mock up they present you with will not be up to your standards. Never be afraid to ask for reasonable changes but do not expect a professional designer to come up with four or five different versions of your site. Time is money for independent contractors so expect them to charge additional fees if you insist upon many changes or if the changes you request completely contradict your initial design request.

Third, find out how much time it will take the web design company to complete your site. Once again, time is money, and how long can you afford to wait for a website. Most professionals will be able to quote a completion time frame based on the work requested. This is especially important when you are working with a company that charges on a flat rate basis. While hourly charging companies will be glad to tell you how many hours of work are necessary a flat rate company will usually quote you a time in days. If the web design company tells you the work will be done in five or ten days always find out if they mean business days or consecutive days.

Hiring a web design company does not have to be a difficult task and once you have successfully hired an Internet based company you will be surprised and pleased by the ease and convenience of the process.