If you are looking for a software solution to create your own social networking site there are many to choose from. Some software platforms are very intricate and require time and expertise to configure while others are simpler and can be up and running in no time with little effort.

If you need a social networking solution to allow current group members or employees to communicate and share content, there are many good solutions. Some social networking platforms are very simple to use and are best suited for people without the technical knowledge to implement a more complicated system. However, these types of platforms are best for people who only need basic features for their network.

With this in mind, if you are looking for a social network software platform with all the popular features, functionality, and customization options standard with most social networking websites, A simple platform is probably not for you. These software platforms are attractive and easy to use but are generally limited in their functionality.

Most simple social networking platforms do offer a forum, calendar, and file uploads, and are well developed and easy to use. What some lack in features, functionality, and customization, they do make up for in quality depending on the platform you choose. If you only need a simple social networking solution you can be assured that there are plenty of easy to use options that will provide a quality interface that you can rely on.

Simple and easy to configure platforms are also good platforms to use if you need a way for employees, business contacts, and associates to communicate and network. Some have built in features that are tailored specifically for the business world which makes them a great choice if you are trying to unite business contacts. Members can list their business or personal objectives in their profile as well as identify their relationship with other members be it a business association or client relationship.

Like most other social networking software platforms, ones designed for use by people with little technical skills have different packages that range from free to a high yearly or monthly fee. The free versions are supported by ads and may include a limited number of members or small amount of file storage space for all members. Additional features can be added for a monthly per feature or package fee.

If you like what simple platforms have to offer but also want a customized look, feel, and features for your organization, you can usually work with the company to develop a solution just for you. If you are a beginner who only needs basic functionality in an easy to use package, simple platforms are a good option for you.