With the ever increasing popularity of social networking websites, many people are rushing to get in on the action. Many companies have realized this and created software platforms especially designed to allow even novice web users to set up their own social networking website. If you want to set up a social networking website for your business, organization, or just for fun, there are many software platforms to choose from.

It is important that you look at as many social networking platforms as you can to compare pricing, features, and ease of use. No matter what your budget, skill level, or needs are, there is a social network software platform for you. Some are more advanced than others but they all have unique features that makes it important to compare them all.

There are many social networking software platforms that you can consider when looking for software to use to build your social network. Some are designed to resemble My Space and other popular social networking sites, so if you like the design and familiarly of My Space they might be for you. On the other hand, many people find the design of My Space to be too disorganized and hard to navigate and there are also many options that are designed much differently. It is important to decide what type of design is best for you.

Most platforms have many features that you would expect to see in a social networking website which is a plus if you need to provide users a way to communicate and share. Some platforms do have drawbacks, however, and lack many common features. Carefully consider which features are important to you and your social network when choosing a platform. It is best to go with a platform that has more features than you need in case you want to add functionality later.

One of the most popular but hard to find features is a chat application. This feature is usually not as well developed as other features or absent in many social networking software platforms so if having chat functionality that works well and is easy to use is a priority to you be sure to choose your platform carefully.

Most social networking software platforms offer both free ad supported packages as well as paid packages where webmasters can control their own advertisements, have a custom URL, and control design features. Budget is usually a big consideration when choosing a platform so be sure you understand the pricing plan before you commit.