A new age is upon us, an age where people do not have to go out to bars and other places to find potential people they want to get to know better. It used to be this was one of the few ways for people to meet new people they may want to have as an significant other, now however finding that special someone may be as simple as getting up and logging onto your favorite social network. More and more people have begun to use social networks as a way to find people to date, and this is largely due to the new generation becoming older. Since this generation is more upbeat with things such as computer technology and the internet, more so than the last generation, it only makes sense that the amount of people using such things as a way to find potential dates is increasing, and it will only increase more as the years go on.

People get on the internet and go and check out other people’s profiles, if they find that person interesting and think they may wish to get to know them more it is as easy as leaving them a message on their profile, or private messaging them. With time the two can get to know each other more and if both feel ready then they can decide to meet in person. Meeting in person is the biggest step, it can make or break whether or the two will begin to date each other on a regular basis just like any first date. Aside from how the two first meet, it really is no different from dating back before the internet was the in-thing. People may feel it is different, but it really is quite similar, just less of a hassle and less costly to meet new people.

There are however a few downsides to this, one being you do not know if who you think is on the other end of your computer sending messages back and forth with you really is who they say they are, it could be someone dishonest and you could find yourself on a date with someone you would not usually desire to go on a date with. There are also dangers in that the person could be someone with the intention of hurting you in some type of way, if you do not know who they are they could be a thief or a sexual predator of some kind ready to take advantage of your situation at the earliest convenience. Therefore it is wise to make sure to try and verify that who you are talking to is really that person, things such as chatting on webcams or calling them on the phone makes it easier to verify if a person is being truthful, if they are hesitant about such things it would be in your best interest to be wary of contacting them further. This risk is similar to other dating risks however, even face to face it is hard to know someone for who they truly are when you first meet, so take it slow and try not to be in such a rush for things to develop.