When it’s time for you to set up your company website there are several components that you need to have before your website will be ready to go and will be accessible to the general public. The first thing that you need to do is purchase a domain name. You might want to purchase the domain names for all the variations of your company name as well. Often you can get good deals when you purchase more than one domain name and if you own all the variations of your business name you won’t have to worry about another company with a similar name putting up a website that might confuse your customers.

After you have your domain name you have to purchase small business web hosting for your website. Small business web hosting is usually available from the company that you use to purchase a domain name but you should look around and compare the prices of small business web hosting at several companies before picking one. Often you can get small business web hosting more cheaply from another company.

There are other factors that you need to consider when picking small business web hosting beside price though. You also need to look at other things like the amount of bandwith and storage space that comes with the small business web hosting. Many companies will offer different plans that have different amounts of bandwidth and storage space for different monthly fees. If you don’t know how much storage space and bandwidth you will need you should ask your web site design company what they would recommend that you get. They can tell you what you need in terms of storage space and bandwidth.

If you have a website that will be taking up lots of storage space and needs a lot of bandwidth or if you are going to be having more than one website you might want to consider not getting a small business web hosting plan and buying your own server instead. But getting your own server is not something that many small businesses need to invest in, especially if you are just putting up a website for the first time.