More and more employers have started to use social networks as a way to screen potential employees. There are several advantages and disadvantages to do this.

Some advantages are that you are seeing the potential employee in their natural environment, meaning you are seeing the true them most of the time. You get to see how they interact with their friends and perhaps their enemies, what they like to do, and many other things. You get a very good feel for who they really are by checking out their profile on social networks. If someone is not up to the standards the potential employers wishes of workers then it is usually just a matter of time before they decide not to hire the employee after finding things that they dislike on social networks.

Some disadvantages however are that potential employees are not stupid, they are realizing that more and more employers are using the social networks as ways to screen potential employees. So the information you may find on these networks may be fake, they may have spruced up the social profile in hopes that the employer would not notice it and give out a ton of information that is not the whole truth, or totally false. In this way you may end up hiring someone that who is not who you think they are. Also there is a chance that you may not find anything at all about a person on these networks, because they might have taken their profile off of the site for fear of something they do not want to be seen by the employer, which would mean you have no info to judge them on. What is the correct action to take at that point is the new question, do you just assume they are hiding something and that is why they do not have a profile up, or do you assume they never had one up in the first place because there are people who do not bother with social networks. Deciding what to think in that case is a tough decision which is why this cannot be expected to be a good all the time. There is also a chance the info you find may be false mistakenly. Sometimes the person who’s page it is, is not the person who actually created it, it may be their friend who made the page, and they may put in false information by accident. In this respect you cannot always trust what you see on someones profile.