Some people may not realize it, but online gaming guilds are very closely related to social networks, in fact some people would say gaming guilds are social networks. You are using gaming guilds to meet people who have similar interests as you, they play a certain game that you also play and you get together with them in order to start a group of like-minded individuals.

Together you and your guild help each other get through tough parts in games, beating bosses and getting each other valuable equipment. This type of cooperation between each other shows similarities to social networks. You go out and search for people who are interested in similar parts of the game as you such as a certain boss or level and you all accumulate more and more people until you have what you feel is enough. You all merely start off as acquaintances most likely but as you play together and all get to know each other more and more your friendships grow and you become close friends. You get to talk with your guild members about game related things as they develop and see how everyone else feels, it is almost as though they become an extended family.

Together you may face impossible odds and overcome them thanks to your impeccable teamwork with one another as you challenge the games many obstacles. By joining guilds not only can you get further in games than if you had not joined them, but you learn about teamwork, and you get to meet people from all around the world. All sorts of people play video games all around the world of all sorts of different backgrounds and cultures and you get to meet these people while in guilds and learn more about them and their lifestyle.

Most game guilds also make websites for themselves, their own little community where they can discuss different strategies and just things in general. In this way too they are similar to social networks, just limited to their own guild and not the whole world.

Game guilds offer a lot of the same things social networks offer, they offer the chance to make new friends with people who have similar interests, it allows those people to make lasting friendships, and allows people to show off their skills on the game they are playing. It really could be called its own special social network.