You might have thought in the past about building an online community site to help you promote your business or to become a new business for you. But many people are not really sure what makes a community site attractive to new users or how to build an online community site. It can be confusing to figure out what makes a community site successful, but once you learn what you need to have on your site to attract visitors and users it gets less confusing.

When you’re learning how to build an online community site to connect with your customers or your co-workers, or even as a stand alone business product there are certain elements that you have to have on your community site in order to get people to join. There are a lot of social networking sites and community sites out there and more are coming everyday. When people look at a site they expect that the site will offer certain features to them. Here are a few of the features that people expect to find on an online community site:

Blogs – one of the reasons that people join online community sites is so that they can have free blogs. If you’re going to build your own online community site you need to offer people the chance to have an online blog with their membership on the community site. Many people won’t even consider joining a social networking site that doesn’t allow them to start a blog.

Forums – forums are a critical element of a social community site. Not all social networking sites offer forums but the ones that do have a much stronger community of users and find it easier to attract users. Many new social networking sites are incorporating forums into their sites because users really like the chance to discuss issues in a forum setting. Just make sure that you have at least one forum moderator to make sure that discussion on the forums stay civil and polite.

Multi Media Applications – one of the most important parts of a social networking or online community site is the multi media that is available. When you’re building a new online community site it’s crucial that you give users photo albums that they can use to share their important photos, video galleries that they can use to show popular videos and music players so that they can share their favorite music.