Creating a website like youtube can seem impossible to most but it is not as scary as it may seem. Creating a website like youtube takes a bit of knowledge about website scripting and designing. It is here where most people get stuck. Most people do not have the knowledge needed in order to make a site like youtube since it can be a delicate process that not many can understand at times. For those who do understand things become a lot simpler, and less expensive. For those who do not, they have to be willing to seek some help.

Creating a website like youtube can be done even by those who are not tech savvy enough to be able to understand the inner workings of a site like youtube. If you can find some people willing to do the web design and development that is needed for you then your site could be up in no time. There are lots of companies who would be willing to do things like this for you. The only problem is things like that cost quite a bit of money, so you may find yourself paying quite a bit more than someone who did not need to find help to create the site.

Once the site is made you will need to find somewhere to host it. A website such as youtube uses up a ton of bandwidth and space so you will need to have a lot of both in order to keep the website up the majority of the time, either you will want to find a dedicated hosting company to host your site or you will need to pay for your very own server that you yourself monitor. Finding a hosting company is usually cheaper and less complicated than buying your own server, but there are usually not as many limitations for those who have their own server host their website. If you do get a server so that you yourself host your website then you will be responsible for monitoring it and making sure it functions properly.

Once you have your website up you have completed your goal of creating a website like youtube, you may wish to pursue some advertising to get the website exposure so that users will begin using it which may or may not require additional money but other than that people should be using your website just like youtube’s in no time.