Creating custom widgets can allow you to spruce up your website or web design without totally overhauling it. Scroll bars and button and text boxes, all things that some people take for granted as something that does not really matter in a design can be some of the most stand-out items on a website. Creating good one takes thought since you have to make sure it stays within the theme of the design but they can be a bit more extravagant than their more static friends such as the background.

Just imagine using a cupid’s arrow as the mouse’s cursor on a certain site. Not only would it fit the theme of finding love that the website had but it would surely capture your attention, and you might even think to yourself, hey that is pretty neat. It is definitely different than the normal white arrow used for most sites, but at the same time it works. That is the kind of thing you have to strive for when creating custom widgets, they have to compliment the rest of the design and give it a sort of neat feeling to it at the same time. Buttons cannot be as drastically changed but they can do funny little things when you click them if you wish them to, it makes the website seem more alive and makes it more fun to browse around the site.

There are some people who will even browse the entire site just to find these little instances of the site doing things that is not expected of most sites, like a button that is clicked on scurrying off the screen. In this way you can inadvertently create a way to make users of your site see all it has to offer, while looking for these little occurrences they could come across some info they would not have otherwise, like something they may wish to buy from you if you offering some sort of goods or services on the site.

When creating custom widgets just let your imagination run wild, so long as it fits the theme of the design it is not bad to have some pretty unexpected widgets in the design, it will give the design an overall feel of originality and be a breath of fresh air for people who are used to the same old widgets on every site they come across.