Creating your own custom website design can be challenging, people access hundreds of websites in any given month and see hundreds of different web designs and when trying to create their own they may begin to think about some of those designs and begin to copy it, the only problem with that is well… the design is not custom. When you begin to think of a design that you liked and use it for your own you are not really changing anything.

Not to say that you should not think like that, if you liked the design then the designer did something right, and so you should take note of that, but for your own design you should try and build on it, there may be a particular section of a web design that you like but another part you may not like so much. You can replace the section you do not like with something of your own that you think looks nice while sprucing up the part you did borrow making it into your own. By doing this you end up with a website design that is completely your own.

Another way to create your own custom website design is completely from scratch. Doing it this way is the perhaps the best way to show your own creativity since you are not borrowing and making better and switching some things around this is coming completely from your own thoughts. You should just start with a blank template and think to yourself what you wish the theme of the design to be, this will help you later when you actually start the design.

Once you figure that out begin to think about basic things like navigation, and where you want everything to be. After that you can actually start putting this together, once you have things in place you bring the theme you had thought of before you started into the mix, this will determine the overall look of how you have things, if it is a futuristic theme then things may look a whole lot more hi-tech compared to other themes. Once you apply the theme go over it again, if there are parts that do not seem to work with the design modify them or take them out so that they compliment each other better. When you are done with the final go over things should be as you want them and you should have your very own website design.