There are a number of ways as to how you can find a good social networking platform. Of course, the basics are it has to have a framework with software or hardware. The framework is responsible for operating the software. Within this platform there should be an operating system, programming, architecture and runtime libraries.

These types of platforms should have a framework that use and support Web 2.0 systems. It should also feature a setup with groups and networks that want to do the following:

• Produce and provide content

• Provide communication

• Share ideas with one another

People are allowed to customize social networks. This should be checked out thoroughly. The system may be set up as a hosted service instead of a networking setup. Even when you look through the sites, you may not be able to determine whether or not the platform is legitimate.

You will know a real platform setup because you will have everything you need. That includes the libraries and the framework. The developers are allowed to change things however they want. They are the owners and therefore have control over every aspect of the project. Since they are independent, there is not a need for a hosted service.

The platform should also feature plug-ins and information for developers. Other features to look for in a social networking platform include:

• Easy access to register and log-in

• Blogs

• Ability to create content

• Uploading of photos and videos

• Instant Messaging features

• Ability to post comments

• Discussion groups

• Search feature

• Bookmarking features

• Email functions

• Private messaging features

There is more with this, but this list is giving you a basic concept of what the platform can have. If you’re not sure about this and this is your first time into this foray, seek assistance from others that are more experienced.

They may be able to assist you and give you guidance on what you need to do. You may have to hire someone to set it up for you. The last thing you need is to start a project like this blindly only to have it not work right.