There are many compelling reasons to start your own social networking website. The idea of a one stop website where you can go to connect with friends and meet new people with the same interests is appealing to many, hence the success of many social networking websites such as My Space and Face Book.

While these social networking giants are more popular than ever with a wide range of people, there are many smaller and more focused social networking websites that offer users a way to connect with people who share similar interests. Starting your own social networking website is definitely possible and you will find the best results with one that is geared to a specific target audience.

There are many features that are common among popular social networking websites no matter how large or small they are. Members want an easy to use interface and a simple way to communicate and meet new friends. Other features such as blogging, instant messaging, member profiles, and plug ins that allow members to share music, pictures, video and other content are pretty much standard and expected of a good social networking website.

There are many different types of social networking software you can use to get your social networking website off the ground and you should carefully study all your options before you choose one. Some are open source, which means free while others will require a big investment. Look at all the featured that make the biggest social networking websites popular and try to incorporate them into your website as well as features that will appeal to the niche you are trying to attract.

You should also look at the overall design of the social networking software you are considering and pick one that is similar to the most popular software already in use. Most people will be somewhat familiar with the layout and function and will have an easier time navigating your social network. You should always go with something that offers the most features that are important to you and your target user base but that is also easy to use and set up.

Consider how hard it will be to manage your social networking website and how much time and technical knowledge will be required. Make sure you have the time and ability to run your social networking website and that the average person from tyour target demographic will easily be able to use your website as well.