Social networking can have many different uses, one of which has been becoming more and more popular as of late. That is using social networking as a way to find out about people and the services they offer. People often look for nannies for their children if they are about to start back to work soon and have no one else to turn to that can watch their children for a certain amount of time per day. Finding the right nanny however can be a difficult task, how do you know the person knows how to take care of children at all? They could not know a thing about it and claim they do, and you could be leaving your children at risk everyday without even knowing it.

The person could also be abusive to your children or worse, and you may not know about it until it is too late, so in order to avoid these types of things you can social network, doing so allows you to be able to check up on people. There may be other people who have heard things about your potential nanny, and they can relay these things to you so that you can make your decision as to whether or not you wish to hire them. Word travels fast in neighborhoods so usually if anything good or bad is known about a person it is usually possible to find out that information through social networking. Something that seems so basic may be life saving if it could have been bad if you hired the person.

The same goes for professional help, such as doctors. When trying to find a new doctor you do not want just any old doctor, you want one that is going to fit your needs and can do what you may need of them, and it is not easy to find a doctor that does such a thing by yourself, you may find that you have to try several doctors if you are just looking by trial and error. Using social networks however you can find someone who knows a doctor with the ability to feel the needs you may have, and they can recommend them to you. Using social networks you can also find out if a person is a doctor that you would want to avoid, they could be a doctor who does not listen to you or can never make time to meet you or worse so these things can be very helpful to know. Now there is even an entire site devoted to just this sort of thing, networking with people and informing them of how well a doctor does his or her job, it can save you a lot of trouble by knowing this information.