When it comes to the idea of launching an online community many website owners and entrepreneurs wonder why they should bother with their own community. Some believe that it is easier to use existing community websites for marketing than starting their own community. Others simply prefer relying on traditional forms of marketing and their own existing websites rather than experimenting with social networking. While there is usually nothing wrong with sticking to a tried and true method of marketing and promotion the Internet is constantly changing and failing to take advantage of the social networking revolution could cost many online business owners the chance to make a fortune.

If you are someone who wants to build an online community you are taking a step in the right direction. There are many benefits of operating and owning an online community that is open to a specific group or the general public. Even though the initial start up design and marketing costs can be daunting, the investment will be worthwhile.

Even though many social networking websites are free there are sites that charge a fee and there is nothing preventing you from charging a fee for the use of your online community. By charging a minimal monthly fee you will be able to recoup your design, hosting, and maintenance fees while potentially earning a profit. If you are afraid that site members will not be able, or willing, to pay a monthly fee then make the membership fee optional. Offer every user a free account for basic account privileges such as messaging, blog posts, and one or two profile pictures then charge a monthly fee for users that wish to upload several pictures, customize their profiles and more.

Building an online community also gives you the chance to advertise your existing business or website to a broader audience. While not everyone will be interested in your businesses products and services many people will be interested in the chance to participate in a free community that offers them the chance to meet and interact with others. This new audience can be exposed to your other businesses in the form of advertisements and, once your online community grows, you will be able to earn additional revenue by selling advertisement space to others.

If you are interested in establishing an additional source of online revenue consider building an online community of your own. Do not miss out on a chance to benefit from the online social revolution.