Sports social networks can be a fun experience. Rooting for your team week in and week out along with thousands of other people who loves that team just as much as you do can be fun. Things can also get heated at times if you find people who may not like your team as much and they enjoy when your team loses. Many debates can spark from this but nothing too serious, in most cases it is all in fun, with each side having pride for their team and wanting them to do well. Sometimes those wishes come true and your team who you have been through ups and downs with all year make it to the very end and bring home the national title of whichever sport it may be. There is no greater feeling than having bragging rights over all of those who did not believe in your team all year like you did, but try not to gloat too much.

Sometimes the opposite may happen and you may find yourself not being too lucky. Your team may be one of the worst in the league and you may find your team at the losing end of a lot of jokes and taunts. Do not despair however, keep your team pride, do not switch to other teams who are doing better just because they are doing better if your heart truly lies with your team that is not doing as good. Jumping onto a another team’s band wagon as they are called means you are not a true fan no matter what the reason you had for not sticking with your team. A true fan will stick with their team through anything, the good and the bad. Sticking with a team when they are bad makes it that much better when that team finally rises to the top and wins. If you are not willing to go through the ups and downs with the team then you cannot call yourself a fan, and in most cases you may be ridiculed for it by others who feel you may have traded on them to be a part of another team’s fan base.

In the end though being a part of a sports social network can be a thrilling experience, the smack talk, debates about certain happenings, and the rivalries are sure to entertain you at least if not keep you informed about your favorite team.