If you’re going to create your own social networking site you will have to decide what features you want to offer on the site so that you can choose the right networking software that has those particular features built into it. There are hundreds of different features that are common social networking sites, so how do you know which ones to use and which ones not to use? The trick to picking the best social networking features for your company’s networking site is to make sure that each feature you pick has a functional aspect as well as a fun aspect. You also need to keep in mind the purpose of your networking site when you’re choosing the software that will give you the features that you want for your site.

For example, look at one of the most commonly found features in social networking software, the ability to post videos online. Does your networking site need that feature? If your social networking site is just an in-house site to help the members of the company get to know one another more and stay connected then you might not need to have that feature. But, if your site is designed to help clients stay in touch with their account managers or customer service reps then having a video feature on the site would allow the account mangers or customer service reps to post videos and tutorials about how to use the products that you sell, and that could be extremely helpful and beneficial for customers.

Ultimately only you can decide what the best features are for your custom social networking site and which features you really want to have but when you’re buying networking website software it’s better to buy software that has more features then you think you will need because you might decide later on that you need different features than the ones that you want to have now. If you buy software that already has all the additional features that you might want in the future you won’t need to buy software when you want to add more features to your custom social networking site.