In the past two years the popularity of social videos has exploded. Many amateur actors and video producers have earned a measure of Internet fame after creating popular “viral” videos that were viewed by millions around the world. Taking their cue from these lucky individuals many musicians, aspiring actors, and even business owners have started creating and distributing their own social videos with the help of social video networking software.

This software makes it easy for anyone with a bit of dedication and computer knowledge to create and edit videos. One no longer has to hire a professional to create their own videos. Even though many businesses have been made aware of the ease of creating these social videos quite a few do not realize the promotional potential these videos have.

There are many websites live today that exist solely to showcase social networking videos. These videos let visitors view and share their favorite videos absolutely free of charge. Social videos can be embedded on websites, in blogs, and even emailed to others. Businesses can make their own short videos promoting services, special products, and even more. Some companies even hold contests asking customers to create their own videos for the chance to win prizes.

Social video networking software can be used to edit these short videos. Effects can be added to fade into certain scenes or fade out other scenes. Graphics can be added and audio can even be inserted. Once the videos are prepared and ready to be viewed by the public social video networking software can also be used to widely distribute these videos to as many social video networking sites as possible. Some video networking websites have even started to include their own web based editing software free of charge.

With the rise of video social networking more companies are developing advanced video editing services that are both easy and affordable for users. Pretty soon all business owners will be able to easily create, edit, and massively distribute their own promotional videos with no previous video creation knowledge. By investing in social video networking software now your web based business will be able to get the jump on competitors while reaching out to an entirely new audience.