Business owners with profiles on multiple social networking websites are constantly trying to find innovative ways to promote their own, specialized, websites without breaking user agreements. While many social networking sites allow users to link to other profiles they sometimes make the process of sharing very difficult. Some websites offer warnings to discourage users from leaving there sites. For this reason many users are not willing to visit outside websites unless they are sure that they will find some information that will be useful to them.



This is where custom designed widgets come in.

Widgets are used by some of the most well known companies to share up to the minute news feeds. News providers like CNN and the Associated Press in particular take advantage of widgets to let site owners keep their readers informed about world events. Widgets can also be used by website owners, especially blog owners, to keep others informed about their own website activity.

Customized widgets can be designed to update each time your website has new content or your company has breaking news to share. This will encourage curious individuals to visit your website by letting them know what news you have to offer. These widgets can be placed on any social networking website profile that allows outside HTML coding. If you have a steady client or customer base you can even encourage them to place copies of the code on their own website to help advertise your site.

Widget designs are often very affordable and should be considered if you want to do something to make your website stand out on the crowd. Hiring a developer to create a custom widget is usually much more affordable than investing in an entirely new website design. Widgets can be branded with your website or blog name, a logo, or anything else you can imagine. If you are trying to encourage visitors to install your widget on their own site then ask your designer to make a variety of sizes and colors. This will increase the chances of visitors using them since they will be more likely to find a widget that fits with their own profile or website design.