Video social networking has grown over the years with sites like YouTube, MySpace Video, and more producing massive amounts of traffic. Each and everyday users all around the world search for their favorite television shows, music videos, and how to videos. Major corporations have even taken advantage of the video sharing craze by sponsoring consumer created videos and purchasing advertisement space for commercials to be aired before online videos. Once Internet marketers and investors realize how profitable video social networking sites are they want to know how to start their own, similar, video sharing sites.

Before talking to a web developer or coming up with site layout ideas you must first establish a budget for your new venture. Video sites require specialized hosting packages because of the huge amount of memory and bandwidth needed to keep any sort of video site operating. If you are serious about this venture you might want to consider investing in a private or dedicated server. This will help you avoid site outages and overages which can lead to extra, unnecessary expenses. Also be prepared to consult a lawyer before you go live!

While all business ventures benefit from legal advice video sharing creates an opportunity for all sorts of legal problems. Some users will attempt to upload copyrighted videos or inappropriate material. Having a term of service and user agreement prepared by a lawyer will help avoid any serious misunderstandings that could result in the loss of your website. After you have consulted a lawyer and come up with a realistic budget it is time to find a website developer.

Quite a few individuals attempt to build their own video sharing sites with absolutely no help but if you are not a professional website developer this will lead to a lot of stress and wasted time. Coming up with a working software program that will let users register, upload, and share videos is a complicated process. A professional web developer with social networking website experience is necessary to create an acceptable, fully functioning, video sharing network.

When the time comes to consult developers have a list of features that you want your video sharing site to have. Try to include every desired feature in your first consultation because the designer will need this information in order to give an accurate price quote and time estimate. Requesting additional features at the last minute will result in launch delays and a raise in your original estimate. Common features found on video sharing sites are:

User Registration- This will help you, the owner, keep track of who is uploading what material.

Age Verification- With age verification you will be able to prevent minors from being exposed to inappropriate material.

Video Sharing- Visitors and registered members should be able to embed videos on blogs, websites, and also directly link to videos in emails.

Reporting- Users should be able to report inappropriate content to you and other staff members. This will help make the process of monitoring content easier and give users a way to respond to content that they disapprove of.

Other features that you, a website owner, might like on your video sharing site are messaging systems, user profiles, feedback/comments, and rating. These features are popular with users but are not necessary or required. If you do decide to implement these features always include a reporting system so that users can easily notify staff about inappropriate profiles, comments, or messages.