Do you have an online community developer on staff? Do you need one? If you are trying to move towards creating your own social networking site that is going to promote your business or be a stand alone product for your business then you probably do need someone on staff that can work full time on developing your community site.

An online community developer is someone whose job it is to make sure that everyone related to your community website runs smoothly. The community developer is responsible for letting the technicians know if there is a technical problem with the site, and also is responsible for making sure the day to day running of the site goes smoothly. More importantly, this person is also in charge of posting new content, organizing the site, keeping discussions going in the forums, policing and moderating the forums, answering any questions that new members have and much more.

In addition to the running of the site the community developer needs to be a forward thinker that is on top of the trends in the industry and can help the tech department plan out new features and site improvements that will help the community site run more smoothly and meet the users’ expectations. A good way to think of the online community developer is to think of that person as a liaison between the community site and the users of the site and the community site and the technical designers of the site.

Why do you need a community developer to do all this? Because chances are that you don’t have time do it and neither does your IT department. Wouldn’t you rather have your IT techs working on the next product release than on the community site? Most companies would. Plus, a professional online community developer has spent a lot of time on social networking sites and will know how to make the site run smoothly and be a fun, interesting, and exciting site that other people will want to join and come back to often to participate in discussions or network with other people.

So when you’re ready to get your online community site up and running it’s time to find a community development professional to run it. Where do you look for someone with the skills and experience to make your community site grow? On a social networking site of course. Many professional site developers can be found by doing a resume search on MySpace or Facebook.