If you want to build a custom corporate social networking site that your company can use either for communicating with each other or communicating with customers and the corporate headquarters you’re probably wondering what best social networking software is. It’s actually hard to pick one brand of software that is used by businesses to build a networking site and claim it’s the best one because every company has different needs, making it quite possible that every company will find a different type of business networking software suits their particular needs.

In order to pick the best social networking software for your company you need to identify what features you want your online community site to have. If you want just a basic networking site then you probably want to choose networking business software that doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles because you’d end up paying a lot more for features that you don’t need. If your business networking site has to look like all the other company social networking sites that are going to be under one large company umbrella then you will have to use the same social networking software that all the other companies that do business that corporate umbrella are going to use for their sites. And if you want a custom online networking site that has all the bells and whistles that a site like MySpace has then you’ll have to get top of the line corporate social networking software.

Once you have identified what type of features you want your custom social networking site to have you should try out a few different corporate social networking software packages to see what each one offers and how each one is to use. Most social networking software companies will give you a 30 or 60 day free trial of their software to make sure that the software fits your needs before they require you to buy it. Take advantage of the free trials of corporate social networking software so that you can compare different brands and see which one will give you the type of corporate social networking site that you want.