Social networks are a very popular presence on the internet today and have become wildly popular with a varied demographic. The popularity of social networks has spurred many website owners to add a social networking element to their website and social networking software allows webmasters and even novice designers to create social networking sites of their own.

There are many social networking software platforms to choose from and they all offer distinct features and require different levels of technical knowledge to implement. Some are incredibly easy to use but offer limited customization while others require extensive technical knowledge but can run seamlessly with your website.

GoingOn is one such social networking software platform that webmasters can use to create their own social network site or add on to their existing website. GoingOn is relatively new compared to its competitors and because of its fledgling status is not quite as refined and organized as most of its competitors. Even though GoingOn is new it still has a lot to offer webmasters who are looking for an innovative solution to their social networking needs.

GoingOn offers features that many other social networking software platforms lack such as their biggest rivals Ning and KickApps. GoingOn is easy to set up and requires little technical knowledge like its competitor Ning but it has more advanced functionality and can be used as an add on to an existing website like KickApps.

GoingOn offers a multitude of features in the form of modules, more than most other social networking software platforms. GoingOn is still in BETA status which means that not all the modules are currently performing to their potential but when all the kinks are ironed out GoingOn will be the most feature rich platform among its competitors. GoingOn is also built using open source software which means that it will have even more potential for features and add-ons over time.

Like its competitors GoingOn offers a selection of membership options for webmasters from a free package to a pro package with pricing at $20 a month. The paid packages allow webmasters to control advertising while the free packages are paid for by advertising controlled by GoingOn.

All packages come with a customized URL and making your social network built with GoingOn highly personalized is relatively easy. If you are looking into creating your own social network, GoingOn is a social networking platform you should consider especially if you can wait until it is out of BETA status.

However, if you need a perfectly functioning platform now, Ning or Kickapps are better options. They are also easier to set up than GoingOn and offer different pricing plans. It is best to compare all your options before choosing a platform.