Mega Star Media INC


Megastarmedia has built more custom social networks than anyone on earth. With 10 years of experience and an A++ Better Business Bureau rating, they have been a trusted reliable source for many companies and people from the highly recognizable to some amazing startup companies.

Every Megastarmedia created custom social network has started generating revenue in one month or less. Each social network they build is completely custom-designed. Megastarmedia never uses templates in order to create the best match between your website goals and your social network, making it simpler to begin creating more revenue.

Megastarmedia has worked with some amazing people in their 10 years of business, everyone from The Oprah Winfrey Show and the University of Nevada to amazing startup companies like and Megastarmedia boasts a 95% retention rate, which only happens with companies who truly value their customers, and provide exceptional customer service.

Megastarmedia, winner of two webby awards, takes pride in their custom social networks with built in SEO online marketing. They are Google marketing experts, who will design a unique social network for you website that drives more traffic to your website than you ever thought possible in a short amount of time. Every Megastarmedia custom built social network has begun producing revenue in one month or less.

Each Megastarmedia custom built social network will generate web traffic by carefully matching your site goals to custom designed social network software. Megastarmedia does not use any templates, and takes pride in building software uniquely suited to your web based business, your custom specifications, and your site goals.

An A++ Better Business Bureau online rating means Megastarmedia is a company you can trust to complete your work the right way. It provides peace of mind to business owners knowing their custom social network is being built by a trustworthy reliable company.

Megastarmedia also provides a 100% uptime hosting service to their clients, with the option of dedicated servers for your entire social network needs. Server downtime can cause a multitude of unpleased visitors to your site, and even if found and fixed right away may cause lost sales and lost revenues. In the highly competitive world of web-based business, missing even one sale due to server problems can be devastating. Megastarmedia’s always on hosting solves this problem for you.