Fresh out of college, Isaac Hall, co-founder of Recurly, was not lacking in career prospects, but he decided early on that big corporations couldn’t offer him the type of fulfillment that comes from growing with a startup. Isaac knew that he wanted to make a big mark for himself, so he set out to learn all that he could from his early experiences before embarking on an adventure of his very own. Though most of his experiences left positive impressions, Isaac did have to learn a few lessons the hard way.

After one of his first ventures exposed the wide-eyed 21-year-old to the shadier side of business, replete with dishonesty, broken friendships and inequitable wages, Isaac cut his losses and moved on. He had put his all into something that he believed in, only to watch it all come crashing down around him. Isaac would not be discouraged by the people he trusted but was betrayed by; he chose to learn from the experience, pulling something positive out of a painful situation. Isaac shares this experience and reveals what all starting entrepreneurs should know.

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