small business logo design

Small business logo design

Looking to have your small business logo design created? I know the choices of companies online are staggering, but I have put together a quick list of how to help you finally get that logo design you need to grow your business.

Most questions I get are tied around How do you know who you can trust? Will you get along with your logo designer? Will they respond quickly to my questions?

Your business logo is an important part of the acquiring new customers to your business and it is a good idea to work with someone you respect and can easily work with, day or night.

Your logo design needs to stand out and in a tasteful way. Be memorable and easy to understand the services and products you have to offer.

Here are a few quick and easy steps to hiring the best logo designer for your business:

1.  First decide what you would want to spend on a good logo design for your business. $10 or $10,000? Be realistic with this number. Depending on your market size and potential for growth, you should seriously consider if you can afford a custom logo, a premade logo template or a one of a kind ready made logo. I will explain example pricing below.

2. Review logo design portfolios online. Are you looking for a feminine style or more gender neutral? Match the colors and style of logos to your products and services. Do you see any logo designs that match the vibe your wanting to project for your business? If so, great, use that logo design as inspiration to share with your designer. Create a logo design board on Pinterest or right click and save the logos on to your computer for later review. Remember to bookmark the websites where you found the logos. Check the logo designers references. Do they have good reviews? Are the logos displayed in their logo portfolio actually their own work? Call their clients and do a quick spot check.

3. Research the best logo fonts to work with. Remember, your logo design needs to look great on a variety of business marketing items. Billboards, signage, brochures, websites, business cards, letterhead, t shirts, hats…you get the idea. Make sure your logo font is easy to read and will match nicely with existing website and marketing material fonts already in use. is a great and affordable font resource.

Logo designer

Reviewed by Anna Deruelle on December 21, 2013

Sandy has been very accommodating and incredibly gracious. She provided everything I needed quickly and at a very reasonable price. I highly recommend her, she is wonderful. Thanks again, Sandy.

Logo designer

Reviewed by Moniquer on November 16, 2013

I absolutely love everything about this logo, it immediatelymade me fall for it. I also like the quick options I got and the finished product. Thanks Sandy!

Logo designer

Reviewed by yellowdinosaur on November 2, 2013

Amazing job! I love my logo. She did it perfectly on the first draft!


4.  Do a quick search on for custom logo designer. Pin all the logos that you find appealing and would match with your brand. Then send the link to your Pinterest logo design board to your logo designer. They can then use these as a spring board to jump start the logo design process for you. Also search this site for great logo designers.

5. Decide if you want a ready made or premade logo. These logos are template logos where you can change the color and name of the business and tagline. Keep in mind, that thousands of other small businesses will have used this same logo design. Pricing ranges from $10 – $80 per logo template.

6.  Save time and money with One of a kind premade logos. Ready made & premade logos are a great if you are in a hurry and on a budget. With these one of a kind premade logos, most of the work is completed. You only change out the business name and tagline…maybe a few color changes, and you are ready with your new business logo. Usually takes about one day to complete. This logo is your logo, never resold to other businesses. These logos usually cost more than resold ready made logos, but are worth the extra $40 or so dollars.

7. Custom logo designs are created after you put down your deposit and hire a logo designer. Pricing ranges from $60 – $10k on average. You can find a good quality logo designer that could create a fantastic logo for around $300. Do your research, try to hire local and remember, logo design is important for a successful business, but customer service and the products you offer will break or make you a success.

To recap, set your budget, then decide on premade, one of a kind ready made or custom logos, gather great logo design samples, review logo design portfolios, make calls, choose a couple of designers to work with, hire the best for you….give great services and products to you customers.

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small business logo designer

Small business logo designer

Sandy Rowley is an award winning graphics designer and member of the prestigious Webby Awards honoree.

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