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Owner Nick Hill

Owner Nick Hill

A team of talented professionals dedicated to creating the best websites and ROI focused online marketing campaigns possible for our clients. social web design portfolio. In business for over 9 years, with over 1100 clients all over the US and the world. Located in Topeka, KS, but developing all over the world. Reno, Vegas, Houston, Atlanta, Detroit, New York, Canada and Bangkok.

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Thank you for learning more about our company, I am EXCITED to learn more about your awesome ideas. Feel free to follow me on Twitter, Facebook and MySpace and as always, call anytime.

Quick Stats on Megastar Media

  1. Official Webby Award Honorees. One for “The Mission Is Possible” documentary for inner city youth. Guest appearances: Susan Sarandon, Charlie Ward NBA, Zoe Saldana and other celebrities/NBA stars give advice and courage to live a better life for inner city youth. Second Webby Award for DeafAfrica.org, a site dedicated to helping the deaf children of Ethiopia become self sufficient.
  2. Official Judge of the International Academy of the Visual Arts. Other honorary judge/members: MTV Networks, Comedy Central, Spike TV, COO of MySpace.com, Bath & Body Works, Polo Ralph Lauren, Yahoo!, HBO, Disney, Victoria Secret, Sotheby’s Institute of Art – London, Pitney Bowes, PayPal and many other prestigious Web Design/Online marketing teams around the globe. http://www.iavisarts.org/directory.php
  3. In business since 1999. Every year our company has doubled.
  4. Our partner/sister companies are: RackSpace 100% uptime networks, LogoWorks.com award winning logo design (acquired by HP) and our celebrity partner PAID INC, who specializes in fan club services and marketing.
  5. We have over 1100 clients and growing.
  6. We have built over 3500 websites and/or web development projects.
  7. In ten years of business we have had only one BBB complaint and it was resolved.
  8. We have offices in: Reno, Vegas, Houston, Detroit, New York, Atlanta and Canada. Our home base office is in Reno Nevada.
  9. We have clients from all over the world, many of which we have never met in person.
  10. Some of our top clients include: The Oprah Winfrey Show, NBC, Patti LaBelle, Goodyear Tire, Wrangler Jeans, Dairy Queen, HP in conjunction with Gwen Stefani, LaCross, University of Nevada, LCFL – NFL football player and NBC anchor Maurice Spencer, Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens, Bobby Taylor of the Seattle Seahawks, Az Hakim of the New Orleans Saints, Terrell Owens & Donovan McNabb of the Philadelphia Eagles, and Stephen Davis of the Carolina Panthers and several other large clients.
  11. We specialize in building social networks that are highly optimized for search engine placement and automation.

Specializing in developing top website designs for business-to-business, consumer, fan clubs, entertainment, ecommerce, medical, educational, start-up ,and corporate clients.