Award Winning Web Designers

The award winning web designers of Megastar Media are smart enough to know that gorgeous, eye-catching design isn’t everything. In fact, without savvy marketing to back it up, great design is nothing. Since we opened for business in 1999, we’ve created award winning and effective websites for more than 300 clients. The secret of our success is our understanding of and appreciation for the power of online marketing.

Web designers who concentrate on aesthetic issues while ignoring practical ones do their clients a terrible disservice. After all, who cares how great-looking your website is if it always ranks low with the major search engines? When potential clients search for topics like “real estate” or “prescription drugs” using the major search engines, literally millions of results pop up. Do you want a link to your company’s website to appear on page one—or page one thousand?

Award Winning Web Designers Who Understand Business

At Megastar Media, our award winning web designers are also businesspeople. When we discuss your goals and dreams during our one-on-one consultation (available by phone or in person, whichever you prefer), we’ll discuss matters like search engine optimization, PPC, and ROI (region of interest) marketing with as much passion as we discuss layout, color palettes, and navigability.

We’ve helped so many corporations, fan clubs, start-ups, schools, and non-profits rank number one in their fields. discuss what we can do for you. With Megastar Media as your designer, you’ll love your web design and your web traffic increase. We can even help you design other marketing materials for your business, from press packets to business cards.