Award Winning Web Design

Angry Birds 5 word speech

Peter Vesterbacka of Angry Birds accepts The Webby Award for Best Mobile Games – Handheld

“Stay angry, GET THOSE PIGS!”
Peter Vesterbacka

Your acceptance speech must be 5 words only.

Award Winning Web Design

Sandy Rowley, lead art director has a passion for design!

090210162838_webby_honoree_logoMusicians dream of winning Grammys, television actors aspire to the Emmys, and filmmakers covet Oscars. In the field of web design, however, these awards are as nothing compared to the illustrious Webby Awards. For more than 11 years, web designers like Mega Star Media INC have set their sets on the Webbys, the most important and prestigious awards given to websites, interactive online ads, and other internet media.

We are a boutique, award winning web design firm with two Webbys to our credit. Mega Star Media INC CEO Sandy Rowley and the rest of our team won a Webby Honoree Award for our Deaf Africa website design and another Webby Honoree for our Boedai Entertainment website design. We’re proud to call ourselves an award winning web design firm, but we’re even prouder of the thousands customized websites we’ve created for our clients.

Award Winning Web Design Is Personalized Web Design

At Megastar Media, we treat every client with personalized attention and care. We are not a “cookie cutter” design firm; we’re a customized design firm. Since each and every client has unique products and services as well as unique marketing goals, each client requires unique web design.
Call to discuss your marketing and design goals. Schedule an appointment to stop by and chat with us one-on-one. We’d love to turn your dreams into realities. Who knows? The next Webby Award we win just might be for the website we create for your business.