Award Winning Website Design

Imagine if Goldilocks were all grown up and looking to hire an award winning design company to create a website for her startup. Undoubtedly, the notoriously picky Goldilocks would find the first design firm she tried too large and impersonal. She might appreciate the quality and quantity of their portfolios, but she’d be less impressed with the level of attention given to her.

She’d find the second type of website designer equally displeasing, but in just the opposite way. This freelance designer would give her all the one-on-one attention she could wish for–but would have none of the experience, communication skills, marketing knowledge, or SEO tools to back it up. Eventually, Goldilocks might discover a firm like Megastar Media: we’re a boutique firm with more than seven years’ experience, two prestigious Webby Awards, and 8000-plus clients to our credit. We’re “just right” for those clients who want personalized attention and impressive credentials and skills.

Nick Hill is both the owner and the lead web designer for Webby Award winning Megastar Media. and you’ll be able to discuss your needs and goals directly with her. Whether Nick designs your website personally or one of our other award winning designers takes the reins, you can rest assured that he will take an active role in your company’s website development.

We’ve built our reputation on customized design and personalized service—service that continues once your site is built. We’ll even provide you with monthly results that will reveal the effectiveness of each keyword used in your site’s SEO strategy. Get in touch with our team today to get started!