Custom Web Designers

Our CEO and lead custom web designer, Nick Hill, and the rest of the design team at Megastar Media are in the top 20 percent of custom web designers worldwide. As past Webby Award winners, our designers are the cream of the crop. According to the New York Times, the Webby Awards are the “Oscars of the Internet;” in 2006, custom websites from more than 40 countries (not to mention all 50 U.S. states) were entered into the biggest Webby Awards competition to date.

Receiving two Webby Awards Honoree Distinctions put us in the top 20 percent of custom web designers worldwide. This incredible achievement has been many years in the making: since opening for business in 1999, we have created more than 300 custom websites for a huge variety of clients. Each and every client has taught us something new—about design, about navigability, about search engine optimization, domain names, and marketing. When you hire us to work on your website today, you’re benefiting from the many years we’ve spent perfecting our skills.

Big Firm Custom Web Designers; Small Firm Service

Many of our clients think Megastar Media is the perfect size. Our designers have all the experience, speed, and marketing savvy that comes from years of working on high-level projects, yet we offer the kind of personalized service most big firms cannot or will not.

Your website will be truly custom-made. Take even a quick glance at our Design Portfolio and you may notice that our websites look strikingly different. In addition to unique, personalized graphics, color palettes, and layouts, our websites boast infrastructures unique to each site. If you’d like to speak with us about your goals and needs, call us at 785-274-9327.