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You may be wondering why there is a simple name as a title to an article. This is simply to give you a name when you realize how important social networking is and how she can help you get in on this fast-moving trend.

To truly understand social networking, it is important to first take a step back to understand the bigger picture. In 2006, an advertising professional named Rohit Bhargava of Ogilvy Public Relations came up with the term social media optimization. This was used to explain the newest and strongest movement in internet marketing. It simply speaks to social media sites which have grown to such a great degree in such a short time. Think about these different websites: MySpace, digg, YouTube, and Facebook. You are talking about unique visitors which can number into the hundreds of millions between these five websites. This trend is not one which will trickle. As these websites have developed, many website owners have profited by developing social applications which can work with these websites. Much of the hype around Web 2.0 came because the technologies developed were to help with social technologies. Social networking has been the buzz in many web conferences for the last two or three years. Much work still has to be done to build this arena.

Think about the importance of that past paragraph and what kind of impact that can have on your business. You need to constantly be looking for new ways to bring customers or visitors to your website. Is this a method which you are taking into consideration and using? If you are not, do you think that you should? Think about the traffic you could be missing out on.

This is an area you can build traffic in with less work than it often takes to become ranked in the search engines. There is less competition in this particular area for certain niches than with optimizing your web site for search engines. Battling for traffic with other websites through search engine optimization can be time-consuming and have declining marginal returns as you continue to put in more time.

Think about using Sandra Rowley if you do not know everything about this particular online arena. One of the most important things any smart business owner does is to surround himself or herself with a strong team. Sandra Rowley can be one of your team advisors who you can use to help in developing a strategy for this particular area.

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Microsoft’s Yahoo deal appears more likely to happen
By Elise Ackerman and Pete Carey
Mercury News
Article Launched: 02/12/2008 01:46:45 AM PST

Microsoft’s bid for Yahoo took on the air of inevitability Monday, even as the Sunnyvale search firm’s board of directors officially rejected the offer.

That decision, first reported during the weekend, was widely viewed on Wall Street as an effort to get Microsoft to raise its $44.6 billion, or $31 a share, proposal – or at the very least give Yahoo time to look at other options. Yahoo’s stock rose 2 percent in regular trading to close at $29.87, up 67 cents.

“It’s good negotiating tactics to try to get a higher price from Microsoft,” said Laura Martin of Soleil Securities Group. “But if they really reject the offer, they are going to have a litany of shareholder lawsuits. It’s clear there are no other bidders for anything close to this price.”

In the coming weeks, Microsoft will try to raise the pressure on Yahoo. It has indicated it is prepared for a nasty takeover battle that could include nominating its own slate to Yahoo’s board of directors or making its offer directly to Yahoo’s shareholders. Read more here.


In the last few hours two associates both pointed me to David Beisel’s post on Vertical Social Networks. Based on my previous post, obviously I agree with David that we’ll start to see niche or vertical social networks. I wanted to address David’s question about the monetization of these vertical social networks:

So the more niche and limited audience a given subject area, the less able the network is able to take advantage of this exponential effect. But I’ve also argued that in the long run, the value of the network is not only determined by the number of nodes in it, but in the ability for the network to monetize those nodes. The question then is that if there’s a greater ability to monetize niche subject areas than more general ones because of the passion and interest-level involved in some of them. The answer is probably that it varies from vertical to vertical, subject to subject.