Marketing Tips

How do I Secure the Best Domain Name for my Website?

Your business has to have a GOOD website. Not having a web site is poor customer service and a bad example of your commitment to your company.

Choosing a good domain name for your website is almost as important. I have put together a tip sheet to help your company find the best domain possible to help your clients remember your site name.

  1. Choose .com (Choosing .net is confusing for clients who can not remember your site name. Most always type in Also, if your competitor has the .com name, you are sending your clients their way.)
  2. If is not available, try this trick www.yourbiz – (Having a dash in between your name is a great way to boost your search engine listings, BUT make sure to secure another domain name with no dashes. Point the dash domain to the real domain
  3. Always try to include one of your most popular keywords in your domain name. This helps with your search engine marketing. is a domain name we secured to boost our search engine marketing for the reno nevada area. Notice when you go to that site, it has much of the same pictures and similiar content (not exact content, a big no no in search engine marketing). So, if your company is selling software or web design, a good domain name would be: or Try to targett your city and/or state as well:
  4. If you must have a .ws, .biz or .whatever, please register a .com and point to the site.
  5. Stay away from numbers. Clients will try to remember: “Was it or Also radio advertising becomes a challenge with some numbers like 5. Early in my business, over 7 years ago, i registered and learned this the hard way.
  6. Having a creative road block, do this. Get a sheet of paper and have you and your staff write within one minute a list of keywords related to the services/products you provide OR words your clients will use to search for your service/product. Don’t think about it, just let it flow much like this: What do you think of when you think about web design? Answers would be: web designer, custom website design, reno nevada web design, reno web company, best web designer, top web design, reno web site design, world class design, award winning web design… You get the point, have fun and let it flow. Once finished, have someone compile the results, then have a copy to everyone in the office. Have them rate the best to the worst ?.
  7. After choosing the best domain names, send over to your web designer to help pick the best ones out of the top 10 bunch.

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