Social Networking Web Design

Solve a real problem and the world is yours.
– Aaron Patzer, Mint

Social networking web design by Award winning team since 1999. Trust our experience, talent and knowledge. Our award winning designers and experienced developers can build a custom social networking web design starting at around $15k. Create your own social network or online community. Megastar Media can assist you with web design, hosting and software needs for your new social network.

Grow and develop relationships in any avenue you wish. There are groups in the social network community who outreach to children, employment, any subject to which you feel a need to network.


Networking is equal to marketing and in this day and age, social networks are gaining respect as THE marketing tool. With the right web designer, software and social network ideas, you could catapult your network into the next Pinterest or Facebook.

There are millions of people surfing the web each day. Do you want to get in on the next big thing? That can happen with the right social network. Megastar Media is an award winning web design company specializing in unique, one of a kind concepts.

There is no better time than the present to create a social network. Let your social network web site be our next perfect project. Social network web design for universities, startups, non profits, crowdfunding communities, social responsibility, mobile, small business and communities of practice.


“Many of my friends are dreaming about starting their own business and they never do it.”

Here are 10 tips that might help you finally find your idea and get started.