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I want to thank Megastar Media for an excellent job done on my website, I had a vision for what the actual site would look like however I didn’t exactly graduate with a degree in web design. I knew that if I wanted this vision to materialize I would have to recruit the help of web design experts. Over a span of about 2 weeks I researched web design and social networking companies. I needed a company that would design a social networking website with the best features not seen elsewhere. I reviewed 14 different companies and the online projects each were able to create.

I sent an email out to three different companies; Megastar Media being one of them. I was amazed at the response time it took for a representative from Megastar Media to contact me. Within two days I was in touch with a rep and it was that first conversation that sold me; this would be the team that would bring my vision to reality.

The vision for is a social networking website that provides users the opportunity to trade one product for another without a monetary exchange; shipping and handling not included. I also wanted users to upload photos of the items they would be trading as well as personal photos for their profiles. This way people trading cross country would be able to put a face to the “swapper”. I also needed video upload capability, internal email, IM capabilities and a look and atmosphere that would draw users from all over. Megastar Media did exactly that!

The website turned out better than I could have ever imagined. They took every suggestion into consideration and including me on the decision making. I appreciate Megastar Media for their openness and for making every conversation comfortable and efficient. They didn’t mind translating computer jargon into layman’s terms and answered all of my questions. In my experience with other companies, well, they tend to beat around the bush and avoid giving you direct answers but this certainly was not the case for the staff at Megastar Media.

I can honestly say that I am more than pleased with the team at Megastar Media and see us working together on projects in the near future. I definitely recommend Megastar Media to anyone that wants to create a website or add features to their existing site. The people are great, customer service is excellent, and you will be very satisfied with the end results! endorses Megastar Media!!!

Matthew W. Neie
Founder and Owner