Marketing Tips

A great way to present your benefits to potential clients on your web site.

7 Reasons to do business with us!

Make it easy for your prospective clients to do business with you.

Instead of listing boring stats and information only exciting to you, list benefits and success stories to motivate your new clients to be.

I have put together a sample list pulled from our successes for you to copy. Have a great day! Call or email if you need anything. ~Sandy

  1. Just say no to boring web sites. Browse through our portfolio to see our eye catching and successful web designs.
  2. We are here to stay. Been in business since 1999 and have over 150 custom web sites under our belts. Your company will benefit from our Experienced guidance.
  3. YOU get personal attention and fast response to questions. We work closely with each client, learn your business goals and dreams. We design around your unique business plans instead of grabbing a template that looks cool and does nothing to help you achieve your goals.
  4. We are one of the best web design teams in the country.
  5. Your web site will be built with your customer in mind. You site MUST work well in all major browsers and internet connection speeds.
  6. NO tricks or gimmicks. You get what you pay for here.
  7. Try before you buy. One complimentary design idea or purchase 3 for only $400 before investing money and time.

Try not to list things like were fast, cheaper or the like without having some kind of proof to back it up. As you are of already, SICK of all the advertising that is meaningless. You need to know real work examples, so do your clients.