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Your team of talented professionals dedicated to creating the best website and search engine optimized websites online. Our home office is in Reno and with partners and offices all over the globe. We specialize in building custom social networks.

For a custom website design/web development quote, please complete the form below or call us at 785-274-9327.

Nick Hill, lead designer and owner, is a professional who can design more than just your web site. You can get his design help with your marketing materials, press kits, stationery or just about anything else where good design can help you do better business. Talk to Nick and his team about how you can improve your design and save some money by designing all your marketing materials at the same time.

We sit down with you and learn about your goals and how to best achieve them. After assessing your unique needs, then Nick will put together a complete package that will compliment each other and get your business results fast!

Specializing in developing top website designs for business to business, social networking websites, ecommerce development, consumer, fan clubs, entertainment, ecommerce, medical, educational, start up ,and corporate clients.

You’ll find that we have a unique combination of high quality professional design skills and the kind of people skills that tech-type Web designers rarely have. When you choose Megastar Media, you’ll choose a team of qualified and talented designers who can lighten your load, not add to it.

A few quick facts on Megastar Media

Official Webby Award Honorees

One for “The Mission Is Possible” documentary for inner city youth. Guest appearances: Susan Sarandon, Charlie Ward NBA, Zoe Saldana and other celebrities/NBA stars give advice and courage to live a better life for inner city youth. Second Webby Award for, a site dedicated to helping the deaf children of Ethiopia become self sufficient. **The same year we won two, Al Gore and Prince won one. 😉

Official Judge of the International Academy of the Visual Arts

Other honorary judge/members: MTV Networks, Comedy Central, Spike TV, COO of, Bath & Body Works, Polo Ralph Lauren, Yahoo!, HBO, Disney, Victoria Secret, Sotheby’s Institute of Art – London, Pitney Bowes, PayPal and many other prestigious Web Design/Online marketing teams around the globe.

Some of our past clients include: The Oprah Winfrey Show, NBC, Patti LaBelle, Goodyear Tire, Wrangler Jeans, Hallmark, Dairy Queen, HP in conjunction with Gwen Stefani, LaCross, University of Nevada, LCFL – NFL football player and NBC anchor Maurice Spencer, Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens, Bobby Taylor of the Seattle Seahawks,Az Hakim of the New Orleans Saints, Terrell Owens & Donovan McNabb of the Philadelphia Eagles, and Stephen Davis of the Carolina Panthers and several other large clients.

We specialize in building social networks that are highly optimized for search engine placement and automation.

Reno Web Design Team!